Chemical Standards Committee

A Standards Committee under the National Standardisation Programme

Managed by Standards Development Organisation @ SCIC




The Standards Development Organisation (SDO) at SCIC was set up to administer the national standardisation programme for the chemical and chemical-related industry under the Singapore Standards Council administered by SPRING Singapore.



The Benefits of Standards


  • Standards help meet the demands of society

  • Standards facilitate the application of technology

  • Standards help to make life simpler and safer as well as increase reliability and effectiveness of the goods and services we use

  • Standards help SMEs compete on a level playing field with bigger companies

  • Standards open up export markets for products and services

  • Standards help the application of best business practices

  • Standards drive efficiency in business operations

  • Standards add to your firm’s credibility and to your customer’s confidence

  • Standards enable a “common language” to be used across your industry and its partners


  • Standards open new business opportunities and improves sales

  • Standards help the company to grow











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